Homophobia in 2020 ft.genz

( trigger warning: homophobia )

I’m so disgusted by this
Being homophobic is not a choice or an opinion its WRONG and can’t be justified with anything
It’s sickening that videos like this still exist and that people like her promote it
We r the new informed generation we r supposed to be better than our ancestors
This is an example of how the disdain towards the lgbtq+ community is very much alive that too in the Genz

My mind

I just wanna stay in the confines of my mind,

It’s dark sometimes.

Away from the eyes of our kind,

it’s hard sometimes,

Running from the actuality of my life

To live far away from all the cries,

It’s hard sometimes.

It’s dark and lonely in my hood

But it’s away from the crowd,

My silent thoughts are still so loud.

Should I surrender or rebel,

It makes me tremble

To face faces every day,

It’s hard sometimes.

Places to go

Place to feel,

Why does my mind drive to a place where I loose the fight.

Sleeping shouldn’t feel so lonely,

Why do my thoughts creep in ghostly,

It’s hard sometimes.

People live in their glory,

While I dictate my sob story

I just wanna stay in the confines of my mind.

What does a real woman mean

I recently came across a poem with the title `what I believe real women want’ in this, she wrote about how real women are caregivers and are a safe place for men after they return from a hard day of work.

I think we all can define our` womanliness’ in our own way. Not all of us want a man to take care of us , not all of us are gentle that doesn’t make us less of a woman, some don’t even want a man period, Some are independent others need to be depend on their partners both of these situations don’t make them less of a woman. Gender is fluid we don’t need to be restricted by the inane roles the society thinks a man and woman should play. Not all of us want the same things, being self-sufficient doesn’t make you less of a woman neither does being a caregiver.

Throughout our history men have defined what women want and need we have been oppressed and had to work hard to earn freedom, independence and equal rights. Women themselves shouldn’t define what others like them want.

The impact of a father

The phoenix must burn to emerge.” – Janet Fitch

As a child in her early adolescent years to witness fights and arguments between my parents since I could walk on my two feet and wondering why don’t I live with my father as my other classmates do, Why doesn’t he pick me up from school? Why does he not attend my school functions and most importantly why do I call him my father when he doesn’t act like one can be quite traumatising for a person but alas I was a child then and yearned for my his love and care.

I remember him finally taking me to a mall and sitting with him in the car with the blind hopes of having a connection with the man I call my father, him spending time with me that one day and never again.

As I grew older and started to understand the world a little better despite the wishes of my inner child of having what the society has defined as a normal family I had to let go and be content with the love and care my mother and grandparents gave me. You can’t rewrite a person or make them love and cherish you instead be gratified with the people in your life. I failed to have his love but I am happy still, yes a father should have a salient role in a child’s life but it’s alright if he doesn’t because there are people out there who love you.

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